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Gardner Commitment to Excellence

Watkins and Shepard Logistics is a leader in designing, implementing, and maintaining custom logistics systems. Let us show you how the Gardner commitment to excellence can help you increase productivity and reduce your transportation costs per unit.

Complex logistics is our stock in trade

Watkins and Shepard Logistics agents work with you to determine your exact requirements so we can deliver everything you need to move your freight safely and on time via over-the-road trucks. So call your Watkins and Shepard Logistics agent today. A single phone call will set solutions in motion for you. Call +1 888 364 5799.

Simplified Billing

A single source logistics package simplifies the day-to-day operations at your facility. Instead of dealing with multiple carriers and contractors, you deal with one company - dedicated to streamlining system processes and reducing your total transportation costs. Receive one invoice per week instead of one invoice per load.